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To eat breakfast is to conclude any period of intentional fasting by consuming food. For many people, breakfast is just a quick and simple meal to start the day. But for me, it's a chance to discover new flavors and experiences.

Growing up, my breakfast options were limited to the standard American fare (bacon and eggs, pancakes and maple syrup, etc.). But as I began to travel and explore different cultures, I realized that breakfast could be so much more than that. Soft boiled eggs with ketjap manis and toast, or chew chong fun were just some of the unique breakfast dishes I discovered.

One of the joys of exploring new breakfast options is the variety. Breakfast can be sweet or savory, light or hearty. It's not just about cereal and milk, or toast and jam. From Indian dosas to Japanese miso soup, there's a world of flavors to be discovered. So next time you break your fast, why not try something new? You never know what delicious surprises you might find.

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